Take the high ground: platform shoes and wedge-heeled shoes (tankette)

Platform and tankette are inspiring designers more and more. Shoes on the platform have been seen in almost all collections in this season’s. And it means that we are dealing with absolute trend.

The first platforms are known to humankind since the days of ancient Greece. Actors used platform shoes to be clearly visible on the stage. In the Middle Ages the platforms were designed only to save aristocrats expensive shoes from dirt and dust. Later, the ladies realized that it is not only practical but also beautiful. The higher the social position occupied by a lady, the greater was her platform. These ladies are always accompanied by lots of servants. Apparently, because of the possibility of injury platform decided to cancel. So platform shoes returned triumphantly in our time. And yet, in the 80-ies and 90-ies platform served only as a bright, shocking detail in the artists images. But luckily, it quickly moved into our daily lives. Today fashion allows you to wear platform anytime, anywhere.

Platform and wedge-heeled shoes (tankette)

are not only practical, but also extremely comfortable. It is much more stable than the heel, but also lengthens the legs. Perhaps platform do not seem so elegant, like a stilettos, but it always interesting. In addition, the designers have provided platforms for evening shoes, daytime shoes and even for boots – so you can choose absolutely any image. Models on the catwalk demonstrated it.

Stars appreciated the practicality and beauty of shoes on the platform first.

Do you wear shoes with tankette or platform? By the way, if coupled with a platform you wear very wide pants, relevant in this season, you get the effect of stunning long legs (stilettos will not give this effect). Might be worth try?

It used to be that only aristocrats and high-ranking personalities can wear shoes with heels or platform. Time passed, and today the details such as the heel and platform became the property of every girl, that wants to look beautiful and attractive. Every year fashion changes, but platform is out of all rules and directions. Such models are always present in the collections of various designers. And this is not surprising, because the walk in such shoes is always comfortable. Moreover, its appearance is always attractive and effective.

Women’s shoes on the platform are divided into two types: models with the platform and heel, and models with wedge-heeled shoes (tankette).

It is clear the second option is more comfortable and acceptable to all those who value convenience.

The first option always looks impressive, stylish and elegant.

Platform shoes and heels are perfect for an evening or cocktail dress.

Platform will also be the perfect accompaniment to a business suit or a summer sundress.

If you wear shoes that match the color tone tights, it can visually lengthen the legs, making them slimmer and more attractive.

The shoes on the platform have particular importance in winter. It’s impossible to imagine boots without a platform, considering the harsh climate, cold and wet streets and snow. This sole will provide proper protection from the cold and moisture, therefore, prevent the possibility of cold.

Winter boots as shoes can be on heel or platform.  Either option will look stylishly. It’s important that the leg felt comfortable, and walking the streets was easy.

Shoes on the platform

are a real find for low girls and women. After all, to walk in high heels height of 12 cm is very difficult. If this height compensated by the platform, which is in the front of the shoe, the walking will much easier.

Legs look longer, slim and impeccable through the platform. However, if you have small growth, you should not give preference to too high platform – it will “stick out a mile” and only emphasize small the growth of shoes owner.

A summer shoe on the platform looks incredibly stylish and bright. Slingbacks and sandals, open platform shoes and heels look advantageously with any summer outfit. These shoes looks harmoniously and beautiful in any color solution, even the most daring.

Slingbacks is easy to combine with dresses and sundresses different tones. It enables the most harmoniously combine colors to create your own image.

Shoes on the platform will suit to every girl – high and miniature. The main thing is to find a “height”, which will be look advantageously and optimally in conjunction with the parameters and features of body shapes. This shoe is able to highlight the main advantages of the female figure and hide flaws. That is why platform is trending and not inferior its positions for many years.