How to buy platform shoes in online stores?

Internet is the only place where is all range of shoes, from “no name” to exclusive haute couture models. When we need to buy the shoes, there is a choice in front of us: go find shoes in stores or shopping centers, or to find and buy a pair in Internet while sitting at home.

The first option is for those, who have enough time and like to walk around the shops. Most likely, these are people who know what kind of shoes they need, and where to find it.

The second group includes those who do not like to waste time going shopping, or those who know that will did not find the couple in the whole city. So the Internet comes to help to buyers. At the 21st century already and almost all large shops and retailers have not only websites, but also online stores.

The difference in the price of shoes can vary significantly. This is due, for example, to the fact that online retailers often do not have their own retail space, but only warehouses, hence a significant cheap shoe because they do not need to spend money on the rental store. Often you can buy shoes in the Internet directly from the manufacturer, that is, without markup.

Everyone wants to wear good shoes. But it often happens that for walk and look for shoes you have not time. Shoes are always in abundance in the internet and here it at the best possible price.

What do you need to buy shoes online?

If you buy shoes at the online store of your city, it is usually enough to specify your delivery address. Often, delivery is included in the price shoe, and the courier takes the money in cash. Thus, the buying process is as easy as possible and even accompanied by the try-on!

Buying shoes at foreign online stores is another thing. This process can be complicated by the fact that online shopping is often a foreign language and do not provide other language versions of the site. But do not be upset! After all, has long is a great translator sites Just enter the page address in the box and click “translate”. You can understand approximate sense! How to buy shoes? How not to make a mistake when you pay, when you make registration of the order? Let’s just say there is nothing difficult and impossible!

Consider buying shoes, for example, the popular online megamall

The first: looking for the right model.

Direct the link in the top menu SHOES:

In the window that opens, select the type of shoe that interests us. Let’s say it’s Men’s Shoes> Casual.

On the right side of the page – additional filters: MEN’S SIZE (use the table size), MEN’S WIDTH, CATEGORY (additional categories, such as running shoes, boots, sandals, etc.), BRAND (mark, brand), COLOR, MATERIALS, and others.

Suppose find the right pair of shoes, and went to its page, for example

To buy this pair, you need to press ADD TO CART (pre-selected size and color)

You can place your order. You will offer finish registration through Zappos, or through a global payment system Paypal. If you do not know what Paypal, then click “Proceed to Checkout”. On the next page, click “Create an account”.

Fill out the form and click the “Register now”.

After that, you will be redirected to the page of registration and payment of the purchase. Attention, it is the most important part of the process! Be extremely careful.

By the way, if you’re going to buy through the Internet in foreign stores, then get yourself a currency card! It is advantageous because the bank will not be able to “to warm” on the course.

Select a delivery method YOUR SHIPPING OPTIONS: in store Zappos can order free shipping within the USA!

Next YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS – the address DELIVERY! Carefully fill in the fields!

After you fill out your card, click on “Buy” and money will write off from your card.

So you can buy shoe on the largest online stores around the world.

Good luck!