What shoes will be in fashion in spring-summer 2013?

1. Exposed boots. The trend of last spring and fall of 2012 stands before us in a new form. Boot-top will be higher and the straps will be more. Do you remember last summer’s fashion for “Gladiator’s shoes”? In the spring of 2013 gladiators will be transformed into a new form, including in the form of boots. Metallic colors and prints will adorn stylish gladiator’s boots. The straps and buckles give them a greater similarity with the boots of Roman centurions.

It’s not necessary now that outsole gladiator’s shoes were rough and the massive. In the spring of 2013 will be in the trend boots and sandals with easy soft-soled shoes.

2. Bright spring 2013 will please fans of platform shoes and high wedge. The mod will be boots and platform shoes. By the way, the shape of the platform becomes whimsical and refined. This may be a concave of 3 sides wedge or the platform shoes with the through holes inside. The more bizarre and intricately design your spring boots, better you will be brighter and more individual. Designers shoe have tried their best for spring 2013 collections! Creative boots, boots and shoes on the platform will help fans to be “higher” to stay in the trend.

3. One more joy of fashionable shoes in spring 2013 is shoes and boots with heels. Finally, fans of various forms of heels will be able to enjoy their choice, because in fashion will be a variety of heels, from the stilettos, finishing heel “wineglass”. Botilony that entered the trend still 3 seasons ago is now a variety of different colors and elements. Black classic botilony are gone. In place of the black color came bright sunny colors of spring! Spring 2013 fashion offer the boots in orange, yellow, sand and terracotta colors. Original prints and decor will add elegance to the shoes and will perfectly combine it with other accessories, for example, with a bag, a scarf or belt.

4. Sports shoes will be in the fashion in the spring of 2013. Only the actual color will change. Bright sneakers, loafers or city-shoes must necessarily be either brightly colored or have a bright color elements. Fasteners, Velcro, laces or sole should contrast with the basic color of shoes.

Be a trend in spring 2013 and match a convenient, comfortable shoe for your feet!

How and what to wear shoes with wedge heels?

Every woman wants to look beautiful, buying fashionable this season wedge shoes. As any shoes, shoes with wedge heels have their “pros” and “against.” What are the features of this shoe? Wedge is located under the base – from the heel to the middle of the foot or to the toes. Heel with wedgies can be high and low.

Advantages of shoes Wedge:

- Visually enhances growth, while the wedge is much more convenient than the usual heels

- Have a very glamorous look, they are practical and elegant

- Well look with long skirts and dresses

- They are fashionable and the right choice this season

- Make broad ankles optically thinner.

Disadvantages of shoes Wedge:

- It has a fairly high heel and lifting. Don’t think you can run a marathon in them

- These shoes may seem a bit clumsy, especially with tight dresses

- Thin ankles will look even thinner in wedge shoes.

Such shoes should be worn with:

- Easy, flowing skirts

- A bohemian style

- Thin, translucent fabrics

- Outerwear

- Wide or flared jeans or trousers

- Gaucho pants (culottes).

They should not be worn with:

- Narrow, straight skirts

- Capri

- Narrow, straight trousers.

Follow these tips and you’ll look not only fashionable but also beautiful!