Shoes on the platform

– it’s comfort and convenience

Platform holds its positions and continues to be popular in this season. Collection of shoes matches any requirements, bright and stylish shoes will not leave anyone indifferent.

The first models on the platform appeared in the 30-ies of the last century in Paris. It was served as the prototype of the Turkish and Japanese shoes. Platform shoes have been most popular in 70ies years. Platform makes women taller and slimmer. The platform has different parameters today. It may look accurate or overtop like a huge rock.

By choosing shoes, pay attention not only to the height of the platform, but also on the form shoes nose. Round shape nose in the fashion now. However, do not lose popularity pointed or blunt nose.

The monochrome models are mostly natural colors at the peak of popularity today. Although encouraged bright colors, and a combination of black and white colors. Artificial stones, flowers or flirty bows will add a charm to evening shoes.

Shoes on the platform have a number of advantages over heels. Platform visually increase height women and makes it slimmer. At the same time base can be hard or flexible, made ​​in the form of a wedge. Cork sole do not lose its relevance.

Platform Shoes – how to choose

Sometimes it is very difficult to stop on a single shoe. Heels provoke early varicose. Heels constantly fly off and erased heels. Flat shoes exacerbates flatfoot.

It is incredibly difficult to stand on heels all day. But you can’t wear flip-flops to work, isn’t it? But out there, and it’s – shoes on the platform. Platform – it’s any form of sole that raises the heel of the foot relative to the toes, or just flat thick sole. Despite the huge variety of platforms, just a few suited to real-life. This is a flat platform, tankette and the “hidden” platform.

Which platform is right for you depend on the build and features of your feet. The popular belief is that wearing shoes on the platform is only for those who have full hips and thick ankles. Modern designers are disproved it completely. Everyone can wear tankette and the platform. We only need to choose the right shape depending on the shape.

Any shoes on the platform do not fit for any legs. If you have thick legs, you should choose a model that visually lengthen the leg and give it the right proportions. A good choice is a platform sole with a not very thick sole and high-lift, “hidden” platform high heels or platform narrowed in the heel. Try other options, just make sure that the heel was raised relatively a toe. It will give the impression of elegance and long legs.

There is inverse problem for thin legs – to make platform visually easier. Such tricks are for women with thin legs: the small figure platform, the platform of the original openwork form, platform, spliced ​​with a heel, and similar. Also good a combination of platforms with thin ropes or narrow straps top.

A huge variety of platform shoes or tankettes allows choose it up to almost any outfit. In addition, the platform – it’s a godsend for those who cannot imagine yourself without a heel during the calendar period when outdoors snow, ice or slush.