Platform shoes: what to choose and what to wear?

Heels are broken, they are erased and fly off the heeltaps. Ballet flats “become unstuck” from the smallest puddle. Constant wearing of high heels can make an early varicose veins, and flat shoes exacerbates flatfoot. Runing in heels all day – a task comparable to the forced marches, but in slippers were not coming in the office  … What to do? Exit – platform shoes!

What is a platform?

Platform called any form of shoe soles, which can lift the heel of the foot relative to the toe, or just flat thick sole.

There are many species and sub-species of the platform. Designers are inventing new models all over the year. They not spare the feet of top models, walking in these innovations on the world’s podiums! For real life best suited such platforms:

Smooth (i.e., not going down to the toe)

Wedgies (a kind of platform that has the rise in the heel)

“Hidden” platform (outside it looks like a continuation of the top of the shoe, often combined with a heel)

Unconventional design (with all kinds of holes, bends and other whims of designer’s thought)

What kind of platform shoes is right for you?

99% of it depends from the characteristics of your feet and physique as a whole!

For many decades (and perhaps centuries – since the invention of platform shoes) among the fashionistas are of the opinion that wearing this type of footwear is just the ladies with full hips and not too thin ankles.

However, it’s not so! Fashion recommends wearing platform and tankette to all ladies, but well-chosen shape.

Choosing a platform for plump women

Not any shoes on the platform are suitable to the plump, or “boned” legs! Recommended options visually lengthen the leg and giving it the right proportions:

• Wedge with high lift and not too thick soles.

• «Hidden» platform + high heel.

• Platform, narrowed in the heel area.

You can try other options – most importantly that the platform must raise heel over toe – it will give the impression of long-legged and grace!

Choosing a platform for thin legs

The problem of slim ladies with legs like “fawn Bambi” don’t create the illusion of two” irons “on their feet. Make the platform more easily can such tricks:

• Small pattern of platform – for example, a thin longitudinal strip.

• Platform unusual openwork form – with “holes”, “spliced​​” with the heel, etc.

• The combination of platforms with narrow straps or thin ropes on “top”.

What to wear with shoes on the platform?

Given the variety of options shoes wedges or platform, you can find the right fit to virtually any outfit!

We have already talked about the problems that have slim girls with graceful shins and ankles – the platform can look at them like “irons”. To solve this problem can high gaiters or golfs (if you wear them with a short skirt, dress or shorts), colored tights or tights with a pattern, and the pants-’bananas’, bloomers, skirt-balloon. All these things create a visual “counterweight” to platform shoes!

Platform is just a “lifebuoy” for the lady, who does not imagine themselves without a heel, even in rainy and snowy period. Having a relative stability, boots on the platform can be compared by height to the classic 12-centimeter “stilettos”!

You can wear it with a skirt or with pants (for example, skinny jeans can be tucked in boot top). Not suitable, perhaps, only strict pants with “arrow” – they require a heel!

Choice what to wear with a platform in the warm season is endless. It’s all skirts (including long skirts “in floor”), dresses of different lengths and styles, breeches, shorts, light slacks…

You’re sure to find a combination that is right for you!