What to wear with wedge shoes? The advantages of wedge shoes.

It’s necessary to pay attention to the wedge shoes. If you are tired of heels and looking to diversify your wardrobe, but at the same time stay “on top”, please, read this article.

Wedge-heeled shoes come in different types: boots, shoes and sandals. Wedge shoes – is a solid platform from the tip to the heel of the shoe. Thus, wedge has the function of heel and at the same time comfortable shoe soles. Women’s Wedge-heeled shoes are very comfortable and combined with different fashion images.

Wedge shoes coming back into fashion periodically from 30s years 20th century. In 2012 the shoes with wedge heels again became a trend. It was reflected in the large number of variants of summer sandals and shoes on a platform sole. In the season 2013 shoes wedge represented not only by summer shoes, but also autumn boots and ankle boots.

The undeniable advantage of women’s shoes on a platform sole is that the leg does not get tired of it as fast as on the simple high heel shoe. In addition, the young ladies with a small growth will not only allow a little “grow up” on wedge, but also make silhouette sleeker. Shoes or sandals with wedge heels are more stable. If you feel uncomfortable at the stilettos, then choosing shoes wedge heel will not have a problem with it.

Huge range models of shoes on a platform will create a unique image even the most capricious fashionistas. Wedge boots can be worn with a dress to the knee, and with skinny jeans. Wedge shoes perfectly accentuate your silhouette, lengthen the leg line, and visually make calves slimmer.

Wedge slingbacks look great with short shorts, skirts or light dresses. In addition, bright wedges slingbacks is the best fit to the image of a young and mischievous girl. A short denim jacket or bolero, dressed top to top, shorts or goffered skirt below and wedge shoes (can be weaving around the leg) is a perfect combination.

Wedge-heeled shoes are ideal for long sundresses, transparent and lightweight material dresses, and to the long skirts. Wedge-heeled shoes in the ethnic style will fit into the image of a “hippy” or “eco”.

Ankle boots or boots with wedge heels are accentuate your austerity and restraint. At the same time, it will look elegant with a pencil skirt or office dress.

In the arsenal of any modern women necessarily have to be a few pairs of shoes. This season, you can not do without the fashionable shoes on a platform sole. It is the best alternative to high heels, from which so tired legs and to boring ballet flats.

Wedge-heeled shoes

Wedge shoes are very familiar to every woman. They can have different heights and a heel. But its base formed as a continuous wedge extending from the heel to the middle foot or the finger, if the wedge supplemented platform. Thus, at the same time platform acts as a wedge high heel and comfortable sole. Therefore, these shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Wedge-heeled shoes became popular in the 30′s of last century, but the heyday of their popularity was in the 70′s hippie. Disco era cemented its popularity. This shoe is extremely loved by young people as a convenient, outrageous and flashy shoe. Later Wedge shoes have become popular among women of all ages.

Wedge-heeled shoes have many advantages:

• They are very comfortable as an everyday shoe. Bearing area of the foot is much wider than the heel, so your feet do not get tired.

• Wedge-heeled shoes are stable; they are suitable for girls who feel insecure at the stilettos.

• They increase the growth. Wedge height can vary from 3 to 12 cm, and more.

• In addition to the fact that they are practical, these shoes are also very beautiful, elegant, they have a glamorous, fashionable appearance.

• Thanks to it your legs become more slender, they make ankles thinner.

Still, if you buy shoes on a high platform sole, do not think you’ll be able to run a marathon in it. Although they are convenient, but still have a high instep.

Among the variety of wedge shoes today are particularly popular model with a platform in front. They combine at once two main trends of the season – heel + platform. Also popular laconic shoes with elegant tankette, slightly concave bottom or rear. Because of this wedge gets particular lightness, ease and charming elegance.

Summer wedge shoes – Espadrilles

Espadrilles are especially popular in the summer. It’s comfortable shoes from cotton fabric with tankette braided straw or rope. They just made ​​for travel and long promenades.

Wedges may also be made of rubber, wood, leather or suede. It is, as are the shoes that can be decorated with patterns, embroidery, sequins and other decorations.

What to wear with wedge shoes

Platform shoes perfectly look with casual style, evening and business wear.

• It is best to wear it with long, light, flowing skirts and dresses made ​​of thin translucent fabrics.

• They look great with a skirt, pants, gaucho pants, flared jeans and slacks.

z7• This is the perfect complement to bohemian, ethnic style and hippy-chic.

But combine it with the capri pants, narrow straight skirts, tight-fitting dresses and a too tight pant is not necessary, since you can seem clumsy.