Wedge Sneakers

– the peak of popularity

Sneakers originally conceived as sports shoes and suddenly clambered up on a high platform. Wedge Sneakers were popular in the 90′s, when a member of the group «Spice Girls» sported it. Now fashion, making another round, came back to it. Wedge Sneakers – is a shoe that has gone through a lot of criticism. Despite this WS taken root firmly in modern fashionistas wardrobe.

Who made trendy Wedge sneakers?

This model was demonstrated the first time at the show of French designer Isabel Marant Spring – Summer 2012. The excitement around fashion trends was just unreal: sneakers wedge Isabel Marant was bought up in just a few hours in well-known Internet-shops. After that Marant decided to produce a model in new colors every season. The model name has changed several times since its inception, but in fashion circles it is known as Bekket.

Fashion model of sneaker endured and continues to get in your a lot of criticism. Like, tasteless design, and visually shorten the leg. However, it should be recognized the genius of the creation of this kind of shoes: “Beckett” allows supporting the sports theme and at the same time being on his heels. This hidden wedge heel that adds a couple of centimeters of growth, pierced the hearts of numerous fans of the model.

Which global manufacturers make sneakers on the platform?

Many popular brands produce actual models of running shoes. Marc by Marc Jacobs offers the original color solutions. French brand Chloe managed to create refined and elegant models of running shoes on the platform. Brand Ash uses a great combination of colors and combining the actual shades. It is exactly what the brand won their fans. The height of Ash women’s wedge sneakers can reach 7 cm. But comfortable rise and hard backdrop provide stability to leg. It should be noted democratic prices of the brand. And, undoubtedly, the biggest sports brands Nike and Adidas could not stay without their interpretation of the current model of sneakers.

What you can wear with sneakers or shoes on the platform?

Sneakers or wedge shoes fit perfectly into the everyday wardrobe. You can wear it with skirts, shorts, jeans, leggings – with all things in sports style. In the spring you can wear these shoes under jackets, vests and leather jackets. You can choose the model to match the overall palette dress, as you can – use the “Beckett” as a “bright spot” against a color range of outerwear.

To be truly fashionable this season, it is necessary to choose flat shoes and sneakers on the platform. Leave shoes with heels only for special occasions.

Isabel Marant shoes (as well as any other sneakers with heels) appeared enough versatile, because it combines teenage dynamics, comfort, and “adult” heel. Wedge sneakers worn with leggings, jeans, dresses and shorts, sometimes with skirts and trousers. Best suited casual style to this shoe, including and sports brands.

As for the top, then spring it look good with coats (preferably light-colored), jacket in the casual style, sweaters, sweatshirts, and woolen dress.

In summer it ideally combined light blouses and shirts light and muffled colors.

As for jewelry, you are absolutely not limited to: Isabel Marant sneakers look good with it or without it. However, its presence gives lightness. So we advise you to wear loose bracelets and long necklaces.

Long skirts are not very suitable for wedge sneakers. However, if you pick color good, you will look very good. The strict suits are practically the only thing with which you can not wear sneakers with heels. Although, perhaps someone will find a good mix even with strict suits. Do not be afraid to experiment! Below, we provide a number of photos that we think will help you decide what to wear with wedge sneakers.